After attending art school and selling a few pieces back in the mid 70’s, I decided being a starving artist was not all that fun.  I continued to paint and draw; I just had to get a job that also paid my bills.  I worked inside the homes of some very famous people.  Many of these people had very important art and objects d’art.   In 2007 I had a near death experience.  After coming out of a coma and gaining some strength I made a decision to work only on my art.  I live with my sister in the Hollywood Hills and love every minute.  I got a second chance at life and now I can be the artist I always wanted to be.  I try to never take things for granted as I learned how quickly everything can end.     


Today my art has more expression and depth.  All of my life experiences are expressed in my work.  All of loves, hates, hurts and warts.  I see life and situations in colors.  I can only compare how I see as artists who painted in the German Expressionistic style.  I have also been inspired by a 30 year friendship with an older Japanese woman.  She and I traveled to Japan and spent much of our time in the countryside where I came to appreciate Japanese art.  Not everyone likes my work, and that’s fine.  One of my paintings hangs in a sushi bar where I eat often.  Sometimes I hear other customers say how they really hate my work.  It makes me laugh.  I think at least they took the time to look at my painting and hate it.  Don’t misunderstand many people like my work too.  I painted a large 48x48 portrait for one of the customers    


One of my loves are for my dogs, well any dogs, all animals.  My dogs give so much to me, their unconditional love.  They don’t care if you don’t look good or if you have no money, or if your house is a mess.  They just love you.  My dog paintings don’t look like my other paintings.  I paint animals for fun.  People send me photos and ask that I paint their pets.  Exaggerating the size and colors and adding props make my dog paintings fun.  Some of dogs don’t like wearing hats or costumes so I paint them in later.  Who cares it is just for laughs.  Some of my dogs are no longer on this earth but my sister and I can still smile and think about them every time we look at their paintings.  


So, that’s my story.  I will be adding more work to this site.  You can purchase my work or if you have a photo of someone or your pet that you would like to be painted  contact me at:  :: Professional Site Builder